Thursday, January 29, 2009

New Home!

We are all settled into our new home. :-)

3rd Jan 2009

Finally we can breathe! Here is a selection of pics for our wedding day

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Its been a Long long time ...

I have taken such a long long holiday from this blog i almost forgot my password!
Wedding planning is hard work... its not just book venue and get gown kind of thing like what i originally thought... after months of planning...I have some wedding pics to show up here.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

We are now Flatowners!

Our deposit of $1K for our first home has been accepted... Yipeee!
Tampines will be our new home in 2009. We will have to brace ourselves for more loans, until we get the flat renovated for the big move. Wish i could show you the pics of the kitchen cabinets, you will be laughing faster than i can say " Retro!" Top floor, corner unit, bright & breezy, loads of potential, tiny flat, big dreams.

pic by Bonobo 2005

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Words that are starting to annoy me

No sure why... but these overused words have started to make me cringe whenever i hear them being mentioned. Or maybe its just the way some people use it, thinking it would sound cool in a very wrong context. Like "anyhowly" talk. hee hee some are not even real words.

1) " Moving forward..." very sickening way of cutting people off and getting them to move their asses on what they are supposed to do in a discussion or a politician's favourite phrase of saying He/she has a "vision for tomorrow".
2) "Apparently..." when used to start a statement, not to defend a point made previously.
3) " I beg to differ.." again used to start a statement, not to defend a point made previously.
4) " On contrary..." used when they is nothing contrary about the point mentioned to the previous or subsequent statement. leaving the listening hanging and confused.
5) " Just do this thing... then that thing to solve the thing..." super overused in my office, no one but people in my office know exactly what this thing and that thing and the thing means. ( they are all three completely different "things")
6) " On a daily basis..." If you want to emphasize something why not just say everyday?
7) " Can you zerolize this?" Used to say when you want to offset an expense using an alternative fund. why say zerolize when a simple"offset" will suffice?

Thanks for bearing with me, i just wrote this to remind myself not to speak horrible english EVER. and stick to simple and non-bombastic vocabulary feats.
Check out more annoying words/phrases on this link from Lake Superior State University 2008 list of Banished words They have been compiling this list for the last 30 years!

Friday, June 27, 2008

The Scream 1893

Massive Spring cleaned my room today and found this long lost Edvard Munch poster with the following passage, just thought i would share this with you before i toss it in the trash... paper will decompose but beautiful paintings and words will live on forever

I was walking along a path with two friends
the sun was setting
I felt a breath of melancholy
Suddenly the sky turned blood-red
I stopped and leant against the railing, deathly tired
looking out across flaming clouds that hung
like blood and a sword over the deep blue fjord and town My friends walked on
I stood there trembling with anxiety
and felt a great, infinite scream pass through nature.